How to Make a Man Keep Loving You in a relationship

There are many large and small differences between men and women but we can learn how to transcend the differences between us if we acknowledge, accept and even embrace those differences. A man has an enriched personal value that not all understand. Men love physical and action side of love while women tend to be emotional. To learn how to being loved and loving a man, i will suggest some specific ways below.

1.Learn to appreciate his ‘I love you’ language. Men speak volumes mostly by actions, they could offer you a ride in his car, buy you lunch, fix broken stuff etc. it is not hard to translate his language which he demonstrated to you by his action. So you should express your gratitude for his demonstrations of love in your everyday life.

 2.Give him time to process his emotions and to understand yours.  The biggest gift to a man is time to figure out your feeling and his too. If you don’t allow him time to go underground and get the right answers, he will have to come up with lies. Let him procrastinate until he is ready to share. Repeat your requests as often as you need too.

3.Start with the bottom line, then add the details. Don’t beat around the bush when you want to talk about issues. Start with concrete issues not abstracts when communicating.

4.Let him ask for what he want. Don’t assume anything. Your efforts might not be appreciated and will lead to anger. Let him ask for sex, your advice, marriage etc. you can generally sometimes ask what he wants rather than assume.

5.Dont make him guess what you want. Men are better at giving and doing than asking and guessing what you want. Make a realistic request that has no guarantee of response rather than let him guess.

6.Don’t use sex as either a sample or substitute of or for something. Sex is not a trial sample for love nor is it a substitute for conflicts or problems. Be honest and thorough.

7.Get a life of your own – don’t borrow his. He does not give you an identity so it is better to love him enough to love yourself and enough to be the best of who you are, the best of how you are. You don’t have to be what you think he would approve you. You are not your hair, speech, nails, dress etc. it’s your life and you need to liberate it without someone fashioning it for you.

8.Be his partner, not his mother. Don’t raise a man when you are sure he got a mother. He does not need a mother but a lover standing by him. Make a specific list of things you will do for him that are not mothering. Stop the care taking services. Remember men love action than words.Commanding him is wrong.

9.Trust him until you have good reason not to. Men crave for trust from women who love them. Measure his trust worthiness by his commitments to his promises. It is a gamble to an investment in future after evaluation.

10. Disagree agreeably. Disagreements don’t have to turn physical. You have a right to hold an opinion contrary to his. Let him know its okay for him to disagree. It is a chance to show your values and believes. Give each other feedback about what did and didn’t work when you talked it out.

11.Be his lover, not his toy.  Know when to say no to lies and deceptions. Set your boundaries in this relationship and don’t allow yourself to be toyed around. If you don’t want night visits put a halt to them without using excuses or apologies. Reward yourself if you win something.

12.Touch him often. Touching delivers so many intimate messages, it calms, reassures, encourages, grants forgiveness etc. it can be done by caressing, stroking and fondling. Ask him if he has noted something.

13. Don’t let money or success distract you from love.  Don’t lower the quality of your substance relationship by chasing fame and fortune. Money can vanish overnight and you remain with his character. This distraction is normal but don’t add up to the quality of their relationship.

14.Don’t be a slave to your emotions. If Jealousy, insecurity, anger, depression or worry and hate keep robbing you happiness, consult close friends, medical doctors and counselors when you are ready to.

15.Fight to support your man-not to keep him. Women tend to invest too much to keep their men rather than supporting a good mutual relationship. Love and trust will keep him but if he has to go, go!

16. Don’t play with marriage. A marriage is a promise to make other person better no matter what. But if you don’t fit it then don’t force it.

17. Study other women who are in love with men. Learn from how they know how to attract and keep their men happy by the way they talk to men and their warmth and openness they give to men.


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