How To Give A Touchless Orgasm

Have you heard of a touch-less orgasm? It’s when you can bring yourself and/or your lover to a roaring climax even without laying a finger on each other. If you think it’s impossible. Think again. It’s actually the very same thing you’re trying to achieve when you engage in phone sex, right?

The main thing to ensure when you’re trying to achieve a touch-less orgasm is to be focused. Don’t fool around or joke while already in that situation. Otherwise, it would throw you both off. The secret is that once you start the ball rolling, follow it through to the end!

No-Touch Orgasm 101

No touch orgasms all depend on the timing, the mood of the people involved, and their powers of imagination.

For instance, when it comes to timing, it’s best to try this at night when you’re both alone and there’s a low chance that either of you would be called on or need to do something. As for the right mood, dim lights always works for me? If you have time to prepare you can make sure you have a few scented candles around and maybe change the décor of the room to dark rich fabrics. Otherwise, a darkened room is good enough. As for the ‘powers of imagination’ part that really all depends on what you talk about or do. Try following these tips:

One: Relax each other by giving each other a sensual massage or maybe even drinking some wine first. Liquor has this thing of loosening you up so a sip or two may just be what you and your lady needs. Now sit down on opposite ends of the room or anywhere where you can see each other. (Preferably, you are facing each other.)

Two: Don’t jump into sexual conversation; lead into it. For instance, talk about your day first and how you missed each other. Next, comment about her hot lingerie. If you’re both still fully clothed, then comment on how warm it is and that maybe you guess should ditch some of your clothes. Reach a stage where you are both nearly completely naked.

Three: Start to comment on how much you love her breasts and how much you would give to be able to lick them now. Tell her explicitly how you want to lick them. Talk as you visualize yourself licking her breasts. If you where touching her, you’d probably head down south now and lick there too. Tell her that. Again, tell her explicitly how you want to lick her down there. As you discuss how you’re tasting her, ask her to please let her fingers do what you imaging your tongue to be doing.

Note: Be sure that you use language that turn your woman on. Some women may get excited by the use of dirty language, while others may find it a big turn off. So be sure to use the right words. Even the tone of your voice may make a difference so see how this goes.

Also it’s perfectly normal to simply turn off the lights or close your eyes at the point. For most people, this makes imagining the sexual scenario a lot better.

Four: Complete your story. Once you get her to touch herself as you tell her what you want to do to her, there’s no looking back now! Be sure you go on and on and on till you talk about intercourse.

Five: Be sure you adapt to what you sense in her too. For instance, you may notice that she particularly likes the part when you talk about licking her so dwell on this for quite a while to really get her into a frenzy! And once she reaches that stage, be sure to egg her on by talking huskier and/or faster. It’s your way of assisting her reach her orgasm without touching her.

In the above scenario, you can take turns (you talk her up and the after she comes, she talks you up) or you can both have a ‘verbal intercourse’. That’s right; just start talking about what you guys see yourselves doing to each other. Here’s a sample script:

You: Do you feel my tongue now? It’s going in and out of you.
She: How fast? How fast?
You: How fast do you want it? Better yet, why don’t you sit on my face?

You can take it from here…

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