How To Kiss Your Partner

One of the best ways to prolong foreplay is to indulge in the many ways you and your partner can kiss each other. Kissing is an Art that some women complain that although she liked having kisses with her husband it was becoming like a well-rehearsed routine that is not satisfying.Here are a few tips for you.

The Bent Kiss is the type of kiss that’s meant for ‘deep tongue penetration’. It requires one partner to be taller or be at an elevated height than the other. For couples with differing heights, no problem but for couples of equal heights, try kissing on the stairs or while one of you is sitting on the table or sink. The objective is to have one bending over the other for maximum tongue playing.

The Upper Lip Kiss is when you kiss the upper lip of your partner, making your partner focus on your lower lip. This type of kiss allows for a different type of sensation and oh yes, a little sucking of the lips is allowed too!

The Upside-Down Kiss is literally kissing each other while upside-down. Don’t worry; you don’t need any form of acrobatics here. For example, initiate foreplay while your partner is watching TV. Touch his/her shoulders from behind the couch, give him/her a hug, bend over his/her head and start the kiss!

I just gave you two pointers here. Firstly, let your partner know you’re behind him/her! Think about it. How would you react if there was this big head appearing in your line of vision all of a sudden! Secondly, proceed gently, the ‘hug’ part lets your partner know you’re in a ‘tender, loving place’ and because he/she knows this, the kiss you give will be more welcome.

Also, do time your upside-down kiss well! There’s no point in initiating foreplay during the championship of the Super Bowl. You’re setting yourself up badly and you know it! Men, if you know she’s REALLY into Oprah, now is not the time for you to initiate this either.

Kiss and Lick (a.k.a. tongue bathing) is when you ensure that you kiss and lick your partner in ‘equal portions’. I’ve always said that many of us do not lick enough! So when you feel that your partner wants to immediately move on to lovemaking, delay it by engaging in some licking. Be sure to make the change subtle and to alternate between kissing and licking.

The Awakening Kiss is the kiss you want to do if you want to initiate foreplay in the morning or whenever your partner is sleeping. Personally, I call it the “Sleeping Beauty Kiss” because basically you start kissing your partner gently while he/she is still asleep. Don’t make the kiss too wet or too aggressive. Remember, you want your partner to awaken to ‘gentle, sensual pleasures’ and not to a rough assault.

Chocolate Kisses is by far one of my favorites. It is as simple as it sounds, pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth, melt it a bit and when it’s soft and gooey… go for the kiss! You can do some variations of this depending on what you and your partner love to eat. For example, peanut butter is good for most people as well as candy bars. Just be sure it’s something your partner loves to east as well!

There you go. Add these kiss variations into your foreplay repertoire and your partner will surely be surprised, delighted and excited by all these NEW things that are going on in your relationship.

Happy Kissing!

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