How To Have A Quickie

Sex has many benefits to a person. It has anti-aging effects, protects you from heart disease and it boost your energy. When sex is fun, exciting and different, it reduces stress, eases aching muscles and revitalizes a flagging relationship. Sex releases endorphins which help you relax and feel good. It leaves you feeling sexy and looking good all day. Quickies are good birthday surprises. You can have a quickie in almost anytime anywhere not public like a hotel, car park, office etc.etc

Tips to consider for quickie are:

1. Wear long, flowing skirts which provide room to man oeuvre, particularly in tight spots. The extra material will also help cover up anything you do not want seen.
2. Always keep a spare supply of condoms in your hand bag or the glove compartment of your car. And never forget to remove used condoms from your desk drawer, your pockets or other visible areas!
3. If you are contemplating car-sex, avoid the following no-go areas: outside football grounds, pubs, supermarket car parks and emergency phones, most of which sport hidden cameras. And bear in mind that public exhibitions of sex are illegal, so forget open-plan office, overlooked cars, motorways or any other place where people can see you.
4. If you use your car for quickie, always make sure the hand brake is on! If you have ever had to explain how you developed a suspiciously teeth shaped rash on your neck and thought that was difficult. Explaining how you fell on someone’s teeth to your local casualty department is much worse.
5. If you have a quickie in the office. It can be hair rising especially if someone knocks the door. Always keep it quiet and find a way to keep your door locked. Otherwise bear in mind been caught with your panties around your ankles in an office will don’t do your reputation or your career much good.
6. If you are still having trouble working out where and how to do it. Either move your residence closer to the office and nip home, or borrow the flat of a friend who lives close by. Tell them you absolutely have to work out some pressing problems with your boyfriend today or your relationship is over. It is sneaky, of course – but worth a try!
7. Wear stockings rather than pantyhose, as they allow for greater degree of access. Forget one-piece body stockings or other tricky underwear – you do not have the time.
8. Lunch-time sex or quickie can play havoc with your grooming. Keep your make-up bag, deodorant, swipes and combs handy.
9. Finally, never handcuff your boyfriend to the car gear lever, the door knob or the hotel bed – it may seem like good idea at the time, but it always ends in tears!

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