Why Women Don't Let Go Men Even If The Relationship Is Over

Most boyfriends have experienced that parting ways with a girlfriend is not easy as it seems. Most girlfriend don’t let go and cant get over him in their minds.
Part of these reasons is the insecurity driving women to be obsessed over men who leave them, is a belief that they will only be worthy of respect socially if they are part of a couple. This does not matter whether the man is under her or over her. Some women feel they only amount to anything if there is a man by their side. In fact, they believe any man is better than no man.

The sexual thing also keeps women hooked in, if a man is good in bed it would be a big turn on to women who fantasize sex.

The fear of loneliness can alone make a woman not let go a man until she finds another man who can match the qualities of her current boyfriend.

Social stigma can make it embarrassing for her since everybody will now know she has been dumped of this and that reason. So it is better for her to preserver, buy time or try to reconcile with her boyfriend.

The man might prove to be too good for her and she cant seem to get him out of her dreams. The thought of finding another good man like the ex boyfriend looks so distant to imagine.

In some relationship the man could be the one providing for the dependent woman. Since she will not be independent overnight, she may need to cling or not let go until she finds another provider.

Relatives and friends may also advice the woman not to let go. This may be enforced by the parents or may be the society and the man may seem to have no say if the culture supports her.

Some women are also strong head and would fight off any woman who her man tries to woo. This is a way of showing off her authority.

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