How To Argue In Marriage -Marriage Argument Rules

Arguments are part and parcel of marriage and no one should lie that they don’t argue on anything with their partners. You can argue about the clothes you wear to the house you will live or the car you will buy. Just remember that in marriage you are two different people from different background trying to become one. You should therefore not be readily agreeing on everything. Here are marriage argument rules

Why Many Marriages End Up In Divorce Nowadays

Many marriages have become unstable nowadays and most of them end up in divorce. In America alone divorce rate have surpassed 50% . According to California divorce Lawyer, divorce is a common thing that has seen the specialization of many law professionals to be California divorce attorney. There are many factors that have lead to these high divorce rate cases.

How To Show Love To A Man

Some men complain that their women don’t love them anymore as they ought to. Sometime it happens that a woman does not know what her man likes or expect from her. There are many ways and actions to show love to your man. Here are some tips.

How to Stop Delayed Ejaculation problem

The opposite of premature ejaculation problem is delayed ejaculation where by a man can go for hours without ejaculation during sex. This is a problem too if a couple need to have children in their lives. It is a good thing to have delayed ejaculation when making fun but it can be irritating to women why a man don’t ejaculate inside her and mount off or make them run dry.

How to Delay Premature Ejaculation

Women measure men strength by how they perform during sex in a relationship. Premature ejaculation will make you weak to women and you won’t be able to secure a second date since no woman wants a 1-2 minutes man who cant satisfy her. There are many theories to convince why these premature ejaculations occurs.