Why There is No women Safe Days for Sex

Generally speaking of a woman safe days for sex is the fact that no one is 100% correct since nobody knows when ovulation will occur in a particular woman body. Ovulation has being known to occur anytime of the day within the menstrual cycle. Some women have had their ovulation just a day before the menstrual cycle begin while others have gotten pregnant by having sex during the menstruation period.
There are many factors that affect the menstruation cycle period of women, which can cause the period days to shorten, lengthen or be irregular. These factors include diet, stress, medicine, alcohol, environment etc, etc. these factors change the women cycle suddenly and she may fail to see the blood flow at the end of the period or change her periods days from the usual 28 days to any day. It is therefore important for a woman to have a protected sex or be on contraceptives in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The woman can also get pregnancy test confirmation from a doctor for reasons why she did miss her periods if not due to pregnancy.
In the rhymic birth control method, it is assumed that ovulation occur 14 days before menstruation blood flow begins. This means that after the woman egg is released by the ovaries it comes out of the body if it fails to get fertilized in the fallopian tubes by men’s sperms. So the following days after ovulation day plus 2 days after the ovulation are assumed to be safe for sex. Only during the few 7 or so days before ovulation plus 2 days after ovulation are deemed unsafe and can give rise to a pregnancy if one has unprotected sex. The 7 days before ovulation are usually counted as unsafe since the woman body is fertile and can pickup sperms and store them inside the uterus for up to 7 days without killing them. The uterus is also well formed by then and therefore in opt condition to receive any fertilized women egg called ova to form an fetus that attaches to the uterus walls which sheds it this fails.


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  2. menstrual cycleA woman's fertile days depend on the life span of the egg and the sperm, the days of the periods are not safe