How to Delay Premature Ejaculation

Women measure men strength by how they perform during sex in a relationship. Premature ejaculation will make you weak to women and you won’t be able to secure a second date since no woman wants a 1-2 minutes man who cant satisfy her. There are many theories to convince why these premature ejaculations occurs.

Some people claim is all about mind control. If one is able to control his mind then he can hold his ejaculation needs for longer. You can try thinking of something else while having sex. You can even think of other beautiful women if you love your woman too much.

Other people claim that premature ejaculation happens when you usually don’t have sex for a long time and therefore the sperm reservoirs become full and therefore they become easy to release the excess semen fast. Some solutions to this problem is to have sex with another woman or masturbate before meeting and making love with your woman.  You can even try to have another sex intercourse after having the premature ejaculation, in the second round or shoot  of sex you would last longer without ejaculating or Cumming since your semen reservoirs are not full.

If it a question of stamina to keep your penis erect for a longer time you better start eating food to maintain your vitality, these foods include peanuts, milk, dates etc, etc. you can try Viagra too.

Some claim the vagina is tight at first insertion since it is not fully lubricated. This initial friction may cause a lot of sensation to man penis causing him to climax faster. It is therefore possible to reduce friction by been slow at the start of sex till lubrication of vagina happens or use lubricating gels or even condomize to reduce the sensation. Alcohol too has been known to reduce sensation to those who claim it increases their libido.


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  5. Premature ejaculation happens when a man encounters climax and ousts semen not long after sexual action and with negligible penile incitement.

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