How to Stop Delayed Ejaculation problem

The opposite of premature ejaculation problem is delayed ejaculation where by a man can go for hours without ejaculation during sex. This is a problem too if a couple need to have children in their lives. It is a good thing to have delayed ejaculation when making fun but it can be irritating to women why a man don’t ejaculate inside her and mount off or make them run dry.
It is also an emotional problem to women wondering why you don’t seem to climax with them during sex. It is therefore important to know when to ejaculate and possible causes and solutions
Some men have being used to masturbating using high pressure from their hands which don’t match to the pressure that vagina exert to the penis during sex. They need to masturbate using less pressure or get used to sex only. Sometimes when a woman gets orgasm the vagina tightens and they can feel the pressure feeling and climax.

Sometimes a man can masturbate near the woman in ready position and insert his penis inside her vagina when he gets the climax to ejaculate if they need to make babies
Try out some sex position that exerts your climaxing pressure to your penis.        


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  3. Break the selfishness cycle. One effective treatment in dealing with delayed ejaculation is for both parties by starting with open, wise communication.

    Knowing how to tactfully bring up the subject and finding humility to do may be the hardest part, but this can help you better understand you partner better.

    It’s difficult to face everything alone, especially in dealing with ejaculation problem. Everything gets better and bearable knowing that someone is beside you ready to comfort and help you through everything. overwhelming extenze website

  4. To provide best possible treatment of Delayed Ejaculation doctor need to first determine the cause. If it is caused due to medication, then adjustment of the dose or replacement of that drug might do the trick. Other medications used for the treatment delayed ejaculation include amantadine, buspirone and cyprohepatadine. Seeing a psychotherapist is the best option for the treatment of delayed ejaculation associated with psychological problems. Yohimbine is an alternative medicine available but it is not well-tested or studied yet.