Why women like men with big penis

There is this perception on women mind that the bigger or longer the man’s penis the better the penetration. True! it maybe possible that women get sexual satisfaction when the penis penetrates deeper but literally g-spot position in most women vary. Some g-spot are just 1.5 inches to other length deep or on the sides of the virginals. Touching the g-spot during sex gives a woman the g-spot orgasm which is different from clitoris’s orgasm. The g-spot orgasm is said to be much more powerful.

We do not have a study to support that claim of the longer the penis the better the sex. Most of these claims are perceptions that people have and are not necessarily based on facts. They are promoted by marketers to help sell one product of the other that promises to make us look better to women.
It is just like women and their obsession with their breasts. But do men really care much about the size of a woman's breasts. Yes it might turn them on, but in actual sex does it really make much difference?

The larger the penis might be a better turn on effect on women but it might make no difference on women as does the sex positions and styles.

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