How to make your husband less Infidel/unfaithful/cheater

  • Finish your conflicts at home and move out as one. No body should tell you are in conflict. They will take advantage of this situation to steal your partner from you.

  • Ask the ladies who has gotten SMS from your husband how this happened and why if she had complained of sexual harassment.
  • Ask your husband why he asking out other ladies  by sending text SMS. Tell him “you can only miss what you know” so you cannot send ladies such SMS claiming you miss them or love them.
  • Listen to your partner's concerns or needs you must solve his problem in time since a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Say am sorry to mistakes you have had with you partner since after reconciliation things can go back to normal.
  • Say I love you to your partner, this will guarantee him that he/she does not need more love than they get from you.
  • Let him wear the ring everywhere he goes and all the time so that ladies/men who stalk him don't excuse themselves.
  • Give him all the loving he needs.
  • keep other lustful ladies/men who can tempt your partner away from him/her.
  • Give him a close supervision to discourage your partner unfaithfulness. don't snoop too much.
  • Don't cheat on him since he will in return cheat to revenge if he/she finds out.
  • Look good on him or her. wear smart,shave,behave well to other like able people you fit with.

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