How To Attract a Woman On a Date

  • CONFIDENCE IS PHONY!  "Faking it till you make it" won't get you anywhere because women can smell it on you like bad cologne. You'll see how inner confidence comes from knowing what she thinks, and exactly what she wants to hear.

  • HITTING THE GYM TO ATTRACT THE LADIES?  You're wasting your time: New studies show most women find "buffed out" guys unattractive. You're gonna know exactly what turns a woman on... and how to save yourself hundreds of painful hours at the gym.

  • QUIT BEING A CLOWN!  Making her laugh is a nice way to bond - it releases the chemical oxytocin. However, this bonding process doesn't turn her on, it just makes you look more and more like a friend! You'll see how easy it is to make a woman soak her panties... even if you're deadpan serious the whole time.

  • PICKUP LINES ARE THE BIGGEST 'LIE' IN DATING! Could someone sell you an old, junky car with one flashy line? No way - you're too smart for that. And women feel the same way about pickup lines. You'll see exactly which small sentence piques most women's curiosity.

  • RICH GUYS GET ALL THE GIRLS... RIGHT? Not when TV shows like Millionaire Matchmaker still have clients. In fact, the "rich guy" matchmaking business is one of the fastest growing industries right now. And even the millionaire weight-loss guru Jillian Micheal's can't find a date - man OR woman! You'll get the inside scoop on how to get more dates, even if you're broke as a joke.

  • DO FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND BEING NICE GET YOU LAID? - You already know the answer to this one, but I bet you didn't know why: Women don't like nice guys because they don't remind them of their fathers. You need to be a leader to date a beautiful woman.

  • Other Factors

    • Being a "Bad Boy" won't help you get laid REAL tough guys "bottle up" their emotions, and women see them as shells of a man. You're going to see how to give her the sense of danger, action and adventure that MOVIE STAR "Bad Boys" give their women - even if you're not a "bad boy", yourself.
    • Think women only date the "alpha males?" Think about this: Only one person in ANY group can be the "alpha" male. Yet in most groups, 75% of the men have girlfriends. What gives? You'll see why the "alpha male" pseudo-science is flawed... and... You'll get the "key" to almost any woman's heart (and panties.)
    • Can you flatter a woman into liking you? Only in the movies. You see, compliments are like chocolate - great in small doses, and physically disgusting when you have too much. This is why most compliments make women run for the hills! You'll discover the type of tiny compliments women are addicted to... and... Exactly how to use them PERFECTLY.
    • Being good in bed won't win you women How is she supposed to know what you're like in bed, before you hit the sheets? It's like guessing what's for desert by looking at your dinner. Instead, you're going to see how to drop subtle hints about your ability to make her squirm that turn her on - big time.
    • Trying or eHarmony because it's an "easy playing field?" Tough luck! The average man to woman ratio on those sites is absurd! So even average looking women with average personalities act like the hotties do, in a club. Instead, you'll see how you can meet kind, beautiful women while you're just minding your own business.

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