Why Money Can’t Buy You Love

Most people say that money can buy you everything but not love!. This assumption cannot be proved since no one knows what the other persons mind is. This has brought around many marriage conflicts based around money.
For example let’s assume you are two partners in marriage each one thinking parallel of his or her own needs. If the money question comes in, there is no way you will claim the other person needs are vague or reduce the need value. This complicates how couple spends money since we all have unique needs and they can never be fulfilled no matter how much money we have.
     Happiness and love goes together and therefore if spending money can make you happy when you are on holidays and eating well, then consider yourself in love with money not necessarily someone love. Most women lust for men with money and when they get into relationship with these men they instead forget their men and go for the money while either in the marriage or get settlement amount when they divorce.
      Love and money may seem connected but it virtually attracts women or people to you but it does not buy their love to you that easily. I tend to think personality virtues are more important when it comes love issues. Traits and character too counts when it comes to loving someone. Money alone won’t get you love.

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