Why Nice Guys Finish Last With Women

Nice guys who give their deserving girls all of their unconditional love and put her at the center of their universe risk loosing them suddenly. There is nothing as perfect love since it is just an illusion that will never be. In fact the more the nice guys give into the demands of their girls the more the girl demands more.
These nice guys give in now and then until they declare themselves incapable of love. Their ladies even demand for more sex and if the man can’t fulfill her demand she will start to explore other guys and maybe have casual relationships. This proves that nice guys really do finish last.
Nice guys are so happy in life to get a woman, one even told me “I thought all of my hopes and dreams were finally coming true. I had found “the one”, and she told me that she had found the same. We promised each other we’d never be apart, that we’d work through any problems we encountered”. In this process the nice guy lost everything including virginity, future dreams and valuable time since the lady suddenly changed her mind. Whatever you do, don’t be a nice guy since you will finish last. There is nothing as a happy ending.

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