Why Men Cheat On Marriage With Infidelity Affairs

We are all familiar with tales and truths about most men and mistress in their marriages. These cheating or infidelity affairs don’t spare any man from presidents, gofers, engineers… to our local men. Many excuses have being given as to reasons why this happen but none can be scientifically proven. So literally in general men cheat due to these many reasons.

  • It is biological for men to cheat since our ancestors practiced polygamous marriage. The introduction of monogamous does not cater for the fact that men still have the genes for being in affairs with many women.
  • As a revenge. This happen especially when the wife has engaged in an extra marital affairs. The desire to revenge to balance the two evils may lead the man to infidelity.
  • Influence from peers can lead a man to think outside the norms of marriage. He just asks himself if my friend is doing it, then why not me…
  • Weakness to resist in men is very strong to fight it. If a good lady comes along, the mans mind might fail to think straight if especially the lady makes moves or acts in a manner to suggest.
  • Lack of satisfaction and interest in marriage can lead a man to look else where. Some women refuse to satisfy their men and use sex as a weapon to punish their husbands for unfulfilled demands or nasty manners.
  • Duty, money or command to fulfill wishes of other women for a booty. 
  • Old habits die hard. If you married to a husband who had such a habit of sleeping around with women, then the habit will be hard to stop.
  • Opportunity to cheat comes along to a husband who may have never cheated may make him a victim of infidelity. For example the husband might be working out on night shifts or out of your home area where he may get the right opportunity to cheat without the wife knowledge.
  • Availability of cheating partner is a big factor to infidelity since it takes 2 to tango. Without a suspicious woman stalking your husband, he won’t cheat.  
  • Variety and pleasure of sex can be a reason since different people have different variety of sex activities and taste. May be the partner’s sexual nature is not that unique to him.
  • Temptations can lead one astray. You can not expect your husband not to be tempted by other women you keep around your home or tempt him. Many husbands have fallen traps to their wives friends and house helps.
  • Desire to feel younger by denying their age. If a man gets himself a young woman then he would be able to enjoy the lifestyle and good looks of the younger lady despite his age.
  • Need for more kids. Some men might be having wives who cannot bear them more kids making the look outside the marriage option for more kids.
  • Some cultures, societies and religions allow men to have mistresses or more than one wife. In this case it is counted legal and acceptable relationship and not infidelity. The women cohabit without divorce issues.
  • Backup plans. Men need to be assured in life that nothing will ever change in their marriage, but since this never happens, they make themselves backup plans while married to their first wife. 

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