Why A Man Should Not Apologize or Explain to A Woman

Being influential, persuasive, and attractive rarely has anything to do with being specific--the most persuasive people are always vague.  They may present specifics, at times for people to justify what they've already bought into, but it's the vagueness that persuades.

Why is this?  Because when someone is vague, the people they are persuading fill in the blanks on their own, assigning them their own meanings.

When you apologize for something, or you explain an action to someone, you are giving them a platform on which to attack you, because it is an admission on your part you've done something "wrong" according to their definition of wrong.

In the realm of attraction, vagueness is even more powerful because it activates a woman's mind. A nice guy, for example, is not vague at all--he confesses his feelings, and she knows exactly where she stands with him.

An attractive man is deliberately vague, and this activates a woman's mind.  Does he like me?  Does he find me attractive?  Is this a date, or are we "just friends?"  This leads to attraction.

Think about when a woman is vague with you--what does it do to you? Drives you crazy, and makes you want her more.  Your mind has no specifics to grasp, so it creates a set of them, and you mentally
shuttle between one and the other, thinking about her all the time.

The man who constantly explains and apologizes to his perceived critics is eventually seen as mentally weak, whereas the man who is vague is seen as mysterious and intriguing.

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