Pregnancy Tips and Facts

Are you pregnant for the first time? What do you know of your new state? If you don’t know much about your pregnancy and you are worried then read on since I have asked some mums about their pregnancy experience and these is what they said.

  • Whatever your state of mind, for the first five months, nobody need to know that you are expecting, that is expect for him and your doctor of course. This is because anything can happen like a miscarriage. And the fact that once they know you will be bombarded with all sorts of advice and warnings. Being told how difficult labor is not in anyway helpful. Letting your boss also give you unnecessary allowances early in pregnancy can ruin your job. Some bosses in office settings don’t take the idea of you being away for maternity leave lightly.
  • There is no body bulge symptoms in pregnancy, perhaps a slight softening of your features, glowing skin and unfortunately to some will get a bad temper, moods or total annoyance.
  • Buy yourself some big shirts and baggy jackets which can be worn during and after the pregnancy. They make you feel comfortable. You can still stick to your older dresses when the doctor confirms you are pregnant since you still need to look good. You can also ask these clothes from your friends or relatives.
  • You need to consult your doctor before you take any drugs. Avoid buying drugs across the counter and let the doctor know you are pregnant. Any body temperate above 37 degree centigrade if left untreated might harm the unborn baby.
  • The symptoms to take serious include:        
                    o   vaginal bleeding 
            This might herald a miscarriage or premature labor
o       Pains or cramps in the abdomen
This might be an indicator of ectopic pregnancy i.e egg growing in fallopian         tube instead of womb.
o       Itching or sores
            Itching or sores on your genitals may be an indicator of an infection or STD.

  • Fight morning sickness by eating often but in little amounts. Never allow your stomach to get quite empty. Don’t worry about weight gain since the morning sickness will disappear in around 12-14 weeks. 
  • Fight the nauseous feeling of morning sickness by choosing foods to suit your mood and appetite. Wearing comfortable clothes and also not tiring yourself with heavy tasks.
  • Avoid taking drugs for your morning sickness, instead see your doctor.
  • Avoid smoking or being near a smoker since this might cause morning sickness nausea or risk your unborn baby health. This affects the unborn baby birth weight.
  • Get your doctor to test you for STDs like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, candiosis etc early and during your pregnancy.
  • You can continue having sex in a comfortable and safe position to your pregenacy.
  • Ask your doctor for your  food diet requirements and supplements.

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