How To Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Been trying to stop smoking but cannot stop the urge to reach for another cigarette! Smoking can cause health problems to a pregnant woman and risk a low birth weight or health of your unborn baby. Don’t worry; these are simple steps to make you a non smoker during and even after pregnancy.

Have a high self esteem
Don’t see yourself as unworthy and unable to control your own behavior of smoking. Have a new self image of a non smoker lifestyle by visualizing yourself without a cigarette. Observe non smoker and find out how they do without cigarettes. By visualizing, a smoker is motivated by benefit of being free of smoking and concentrate to the goal of being a non smoker. This affirmation can be strengthened by repeating a positive phrase and slogan throughout quitting, that “I love being free from smoking” or “smoking is harmful to your health”. If one fails again by smoking a cigarette then have another positive phrase again, that “To fail is failure only if you fail to try again” just keep in mind you will break free from cigarettes at your own pace. It is normal to fail just like the way people sometimes fall and stand up as they run or walk.

Reward Yourself for achievements made
Write down your achievements on a certificate or on a piece of a paper and place it where you can see it often. Your certificate can read “I Love Being Free From Smoking” then write the number of days you have quitted “1 Week” make another certificate this time categorizing them as diploma, degree, masters etc as days, months, year go by. This will reward your mind and make your self esteem higher by the encouragement you get.

Keep your mind busy
Get yourself something to do during your previous smoking sessions. There are many computer games, activities or chore to do. In fact the money you saved by not smoking can buy you something else too like a chewing gum, yoghurt, bread, drinks, snacks etc. These new thing can occupy your mind when you have a smoking urge. You can even pray to God for guidance.

Tell your friends you want to quit
Tell them and make sure you walk your talk since a promise is a debt. If you fail to live up to your words no one will ever believe in you again. Tell them to smoke away from you and discourage them from asking you for cigarettes. Good luck!

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