Why Women Don’t Change Their Former Behaviors Before Marriage For Men Sake

Many, many men these days get into troubles because they see a hot woman, and let her looks blind them to her behavior.Little do they know that behind that beauty lies the true colors that will destroy them in the near future and despite the best advice of those around them, they'll get in a relationship with her, then be dumbfounded when she does the exact same thing she did to other men or people.
When it comes to human behavior, past performance is indicative of future behavior.  How people behaved in the past is how they'll behave in the future.  Yes, there is leeway for indiscretions of youth--people do dumb things when they're young, and learn from them.  That's part of growing up--but when grown ups consistently do dumb things, you'd better pay attention.

She's done it as her whole life career, and guess what--the behaviors are starting to recur, and she's starting to cause trouble in marriage.  They'll be one and done in the marriage too! Do you start thinking of sending her home, crying out the choice you made does not work out the way you thought or will you start relying on the strength of your arm, yet one more time?

I've met man after man who gets in a relationship with a woman who has a history of cheating, or of fleecing men of money, who never thought she would treat him that way.  But she does, because that's who she is.

The opposite also applies, though, and that's good news.  If you meet a woman who has a history of treating the men she's with really well, then you've met a woman who will continue to behave that way in the future. The time you spend with her in courtship before marriage will tell a lot you desire to know too.

So take your time and don't kid yourself by thinking someone will somehow "change for you."  If they haven't changed for themselves, they most certainly will not change for you. Remember respect can never be bought and you can't teach old dogs new tricks.

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