Why Normal Men Appeal More To Women Nowadays

Want to know what the gripe of most single women is nowadays? I'll tell you--they just want to meet a normal guy. Back in the past years, they may have said they just wanted to meet a good, rich, tall, famous or handsome guy. ;But after many years of woes, they're relegated to just wanting to meet a normal guy.

It usually turns out to be not what they thought to be. Why? Because most guys aren't normal.  They have emotional issues.  They whine a lot.  They're worried about what people think about them. They're rudderless.  They mumble.  They're timid around women. They throw temper tantrums. They are possessive, jealous, or snoopy. They want to show off. And on and on and on.

But this presents an opportunity for the "normal guy."  A big opportunity.  You see, in this day and age you don't have to be a smooth operator or a Don Juan, or God forbid a "pick up artist" to attract women.

You just have to be a normal guy.  What's that you say?  A guy who's maybe a bit too loud.  Who tells jokes he probably shouldn't.  Who likes sports.  Who's always up for a good time.  A guy with a great outlook on life who doesn't take himself too seriously.  A guy who likes women.  A guy who exhibits grace under pressure. A guy unruffled by adversity.

A guy who's calm and strong, a guy thinks before he talks.  A guy who takes the lead. A guy who is smart.  A guy who's just plain fun.  You know, a man who acts like a man.

Not too many guys like this left, but on the other hand, it isn't too hard to be one of these guys.  And when you are, you'll automatically attract desirable women, just by being what they want... a normal guy!

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