What Men Should Think About Woman Attractiveness Vs Character

I don't have many natural talents, but there is one I do have:  I may not tell you if something's going to work, but I can darn sure tell you when something's going to go wrong.

I have a nose for disaster, and I can smell it a mile away.  It's served me very well, and it will serve you well too if you make it your business to grow such a nose.
I remember my teacher, long ago coach of  my school football team said, "In football it's not how many good plays you make that determines whether you win.  It's how many bad plays you don't make." So we were always trying too avoiding mistakes that would allow the other team to score.

Few people think like this--except for successful people.  Success is often not about doing something spectacular, it's often about not doing something spectacularly bad. Just think about having a glamorous woman with dirty character!

Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to attraction. Women have a way of blinding men with their beauty, sexiness and allure, preventing them from seeing the disaster headed their way.

Many, many men face costly divorces and nasty break ups could be prevented if they didn't happen in the first place.  Yet men continue to blindly charge into situations destined to blow up.  And if they'd only think about avoiding bad plays, they'd recognize the situation and avoid it.

For example, if a woman has cheated on her past three husbands (and told you), don't you think it's a good bet she'll cheat on #4?  Or if she always drinks too much and starts fights, don't you think she'll do that in a relationship?

If she spends all her money and demands the men in her life foot the bill for her, don't you think the time will come where will extend her hand to you, palm up?

Dudes, you can't be blinded by beauty in the moment.  You've got to think about potential bad plays, things other men don't think about. Some women are very clever and only use their sexuality to ride on men successes.

It's usually by avoiding the bad character that, in the end, we get around to finding the good character.  And that's not happenstance or random chance--it's a skill I highly suggest you develop.

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