How to Break Out of Friendship Zone Trap With A Woman

I admit it. I used to get trapped in the friend zone with women all the time.  And I hated it, just like any guy does.  But I learned to break out of it, and now I'm the one who chooses if we're friends or more.

Want to know how I did it?  Read on --and make sure you're never in the friend zone again since that means being a women's "therapist" or "problem solver" are ways that you end up in that category, qualities which I had but now have got rid of.
You think that it might be the way you flirt!. No--you're passive and tentative. Being tentative and timid around women is a great way to kill attraction.  Women want men who push the envelope, who make them laugh in spite of themselves, who use sexual innuendo and are comfortable with it, and men who are not afraid to offend.
You have to understand women look to men to lead, look to men for authority.  The instant a woman sees you're not willing to do that, you're done.  Don't worry, though, this is a learnable skill.

What you need to do is make it your business to just talk to women as you go throughout your day.  Talk to all women for just a bit--waitresses, cashiers, women you see in the gym, everywhere. Don't try to date them--just talk to them, flirt with them, create a bit of attraction and move on.  Get comfortable talking with women, then take the next step.

Women want you to talk to them.  They want you to approach them. They want you to take the lead.  And they don't want you to wait around.  So develop the skill of just talking to women, and all of a sudden you'll realize you're an attractive guy after all, and then you'll be ready to take the next step and break out of the friendship zone.

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