Why Women Are Obsessed With Men Shoes

Women are generally obsessed with shoes. They can own dozens of pairs and still go shopping for more shoes in the shopping malls. No wonder they show off their shoes with such confidence.

In contrast, men see shoes from a very different perspective. In fact, most men are not particularly concerned about their shoes. They view them as functional : something to protect their feet from harm as they walk or work!
That is probably why men rarely notice what kind of shoes women wear. It doesn’t matter to a man whether a woman got six-inch heels or sneakers, or whether they are brown or blue, or even whether they match her purse.
Shoes leave a lasting impression on women mind and have certain power especially on the dating scene. It is said that women take 3-10 seconds to form an opinion of a man standing in front of them and it is primarily based on what they see on his feet.
They feel offended if the shoes fail litmus (impression) test that includes style, color, material, condition and price. If the shoes fail-safe indicators, then it fails his romantic personality and shows how he will treat a woman.
Surely you can’t show up for a date with torn pair of sneakers and expect to grab a woman attention. A Woman asks herself “if you don’t care about your impression how he will treat her later?”
This means you can get away with worn out or crumpled outfit but the shoes should be well fitting and in good shape, the whole outfit will pass and ignoring the rest. But if the shoes are not up to the mark, as many shoe and fashion experts suggest, you won’t catch her attention even if you wear the latest Italian suit.
So does the shoe make a man? Yes. Wearing a nice, stylish pair of shoes will always attract the attention of most women. Going for trendy sneakers tells a woman that you are confident, urbane and cool. It can also mean you are keeping it casual, tasteful and stylish. That is if you are still dating otherwise you can have different pairs of shoes to complement your functions. Good luck!

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