How A Man Should Look At A Woman Who He is Attracted To

Men these days have no clue about how to look at a woman. No, I'm not talking about gawking from a distance--I'm talking about when you're actually talking to a woman face to face.

Most men do everything but not the right thing. They look at the ground. They look away. They fidget. They mumble. They shuffle their feet. And then they wonder why she doesn't want to spend any more time with them.

Perhaps men today have been exposed to too much whiney alternative music. Perhaps they see how the girlie men in the media interact with women. Or perhaps they were just never taught the right way.
Here's the truth: when you're talking to a woman, look her right in the eye with a calmly intense, focused gaze. Shut out what's going on around you and look at her and only her.

Now don't stare or get creepy--just look at her with an intense focused gaze, a look that lets her know you're focused on her and only her.

Women love it when do this (the right way). It drives them wild with attraction, yet few men do it. They think it offends women somehow, but it doesn't.

The key to this is calm intensity. I'm not talking about a mushy or sappy-eyed awed little puppy look--women get that all the time.
I'm talking about a gaze that transmits strength and intensity at the same time, a gaze that makes her feel calm and excited at the same time.

If you put this secret to work for you, I assure you, you'll become instantly more attractive to women. It has a tremendous effect because so few men do it right.

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