Why women Are Hesitant To Get Into Relationships

If a woman is just a little hesitant about moving forward fast in a new relationship, it's ok--she just wants to be sure you're not another undercover chord or player.

A player or undercover chord is the guy who appears to be good, who's really good at keeping up appearances in the short term, but crumbles when he realizes relationship is a marathon not a sprint. Most women have run into players, and now they're wary of been just another victim statistics.

Short term relationships are something most women are up against, so you'll have an understanding of the challenges a single, sexy, successful woman faces in this day and age of the woes.

What happens is this: a woman meets a guy who seems with it. He's apparently successful, likes to have fun, he's laid back, treats her well and is relationship minded.

He tells her things she wants to hear, and he does so within weeks of meeting her. But he appears to back it up with action, so her initial skepticism fades.

Time passes, and they get closer to each other. They spend a lot of time together, and maybe they move in together. Maybe they decide to get married. And things move fast. Really fast. So, he puts a ring on her finger, or they commit and things are perfect... right?

Well, not really. At first they are. But after the initial attraction fades, she begins to notice a few things that are "off." Nothing big, but it just feels like something's off.

Perhaps he borrows a few bucks from her. Or goes on a few "business trips" he didn't used to go on. Or puts down a few more beers at night than she thought. Problem? No, but...And then she makes the "big discovery." He's lying about his business. He's an alcoholic. He travels for other encounters. He has a bad temper. Whatever it is, she finds something out she never thought she would... and the relationship crumbles. And she's distraught. She is just another victim!

Good things come to those who wait, those who have patience. Players don't, and never will. Be patient, and you'll never be played or be a player, much less an undercover one.

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