Why Some Women Don’t Return Follow Up Calls After a Good Date

Ever met a woman, had a great time dating, then called her later only to never hear back from her?

Kind of sucks, doesn't it? Makes you wonder if you did something wrong, or if she met another guy, or just never really was that interested.
Now, sometimes you did do something wrong, and she left feeling like you're just another nice guy. Or maybe she did meet another guy she was more attracted to.

But you know what? In this day and age, many women--especially the high quality ones--really do just get busy and forget to call you back, even if they meant to.

Women have a lot going on in their lives these days and what seemed like a great time the night before can fade when the problems of the day start again.

Many guys don't understand this and then they do something that blows it. They start calling incessantly. They give up altogether. Or they get huffy and send a rude email that blows the deal.

None of this is necessary. Sometimes you just need some gently persistent follow up. What do I mean by this? The occasional phone call, email, or text message with the sole intent of reminding her you're still alive. You'll be surprised how often this can produce a phone call and a date when you thought it was over.

Women appreciate a man who understands they have busy lives and are not bothered by the fact. Most men don't understand this one way or the other, and expect her to call all the time or show up when he wants. It doesn't always work that way.

But if you're patient with a woman, and keep in touch, down the road she'll often get back with you just when you think she's gone, and then all kinds of fun things can happen.

Gentle, persistent follow up is the key. Never give up on good deals. Would You?

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