What To Do When She Says She Has a Boyfriend or Talks To Him

If there's one thing I've learned about women and boyfriends, it's that a "boyfriend" pretty much means nothing. I had one she said it and still wants me! The lesson is, women will resolve the "boyfriend issue" on their own if they want to spend time with you.

Now, do I advocate actively trying to steal a woman who's in a committed relationship? No. No I do not. But when a woman you like casually tells you she has a "boyfriend," you should pay no attention to that.

Oftentimes women will just tell you that to see if you're man enough not to let some ethereal boyfriend stop you. So, the answer here is to do what you want, and ignore the mention of a boyfriend. Go out with her, have a good time, and see what happens. She'll deal with the boyfriend issue on her own. It's
her problem, not yours!

If you are in a relationship with a women that likes to keep old boyfriends around. She keeps telling you that so and so is texting her or calling her.
The thing to do is to use this as an opportunity to solidify her attraction for you. You never want to be possessive, jealous, or snoopy, but you also do want to remind her subtly how fortunate she is to be with a man like you.

First off, don't worry about old boyfriends. If you make sure her needs are met, there's not much they can do. Secondly, if a woman wants to cheat, she'll find a way to do it regardless of what you do--so don't worry about it. The key here is "wants" to cheat--if her needs are met by you, she won't.

Whenever they call, just laugh and say, "Talking to the desperate little boys again? When you're done, come spend some time with the only real man you know." Obviously you have to say this in a fun, playful, non-jealous way, but if do so, it will remind her how good she has it with in contrast to the flies that keep hanging around.

She'll get the message, loud and clear...and she'll appreciate it.

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