What To Do When She Says She Likes You

But every now and then you heard that a woman "liked" you or
perhaps she just flat out told you.

So, what do most men do when they discover a woman "likes them?"
Exactly the opposite of what they were doing.

They start becoming nice guys. Start confessing their feelings
too. Start becoming soft and mushy. And all of a sudden, she
doesn't like you so much any more.

In fact, she'll even say, "I used to like him, but..." What that
means is, the feeling she once had for you (chemistry) created by
your behavior is now gone, based on your change in behavior.

And since the feeling's gone, now so is she.


However, there is a cure for this. If you just keep doing what you
were doing that made her feel chemistry in the first place (in
addition to adding in even more attractive behavior) she'll be
fine, and she'll like you more and more over time.

So don't blow it when you hear a woman likes you. She likes you
for who you have been, not the nice, sweet guy you could become.

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