Why Sexual Men Attract Women

You're absolutely correct that women DO desire a sexual man who is confident in his sexuality and his ability to attract women. However, at the same time, women
are also attracted by mystery, a man who can create wonderment, and by a man who is particular and has high standards for the type of woman he dates & has intercourse with.

If a man is going around hitting on every woman he comes across,even women that his friends have their eye on, then he's coming across as desperate, having no standards and yes... "like a dog in heat".

Now, if a man is extremely sexual and likes good looking women- that's fine. Great. He can look when she isn't watching, he can fantasize... but if he wants a shot at her or with any woman- then he better not demonstrate that he's so "easy" she could have him that minute. There is absolutely no mystery or wonderment in that.

The type of women that "horn dogs" typically end up with is the woman who had far too many drinks at the bar and her standards have been drastically lowered. And she's likely to wake up the next morning shaking her head- and that's the last time the "horn dog" will see her.

Now, since most men have standards, they may go through a period of time where this type of woman and "one night flings" are okay with you and what you're looking for. And that's alright if so- you're still young. But, even as a younger man, you
still need to practice true attraction building techniques and becoming refined, sexual character that women respect AND crave being with.

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