Why Independent Women Freak Men

In today’s world, a lot have changed due to education and technology advancement. These changes act as an equal opportunity and have affected everyone regardless of the person age or gender. Since now we all hold the keys to our own destiny, a new group of women has come up as independent women who don’t depend on their men for upkeep. It’s usually made up of educated women or successful business women. This has changed the men egos, and their perspectives of women in relationships.
The more successful “manly” a woman becomes the less attractive she is to most men and like wise--the more unsuccessful “womanly” a man becomes the less attractive he is to women. People seem to fail to acknowledge that LOVE is internal and Money, education, material wealth, fame is all vanity! Love is the deepest emotion, and if expressed freely, transcends all boundaries and will not be intimidated by financial success.
Most men are intimidated by smart educated women, I was watching Tyra Banks show it was hilarious and she had a bunch of single men and she asked each of them about first dates and first impressions. Most of the guys did not want a woman who was too smart especially on the first date. They wanted the women to play moderately; most guys age mate of these ladies are not that financially stable. On the intimidation point, I also think it also depends on how much the man in question has achieved himself. It's not very common that you find a man employed as a customer-service rep getting married to a female company director, for example. That means a woman's pool of potential suitors shrinks as she advances in her career...it's unfortunate, but it's just the way it is.
Successful career women don't leave their plum jobs to pure chance to start a family. Of course it took many years of relentless studying, hard work, seeking advice and prayers too! So why should this be any different? Independent lady in such a question needs to come with a concrete plan on how to get and what man she wants without repelling a potential suitor. They are usually hardened, rude and un-needy to seek a man; Happiness in relationship also doesn't also occur unless you actively seek for it. When dumped by the insecure man that’s when they realize that it takes more than love alone to sustain a marriage/life-long relationship.
Let's not forget that one shouldn't shut down their social life until their career is set and then start looking for a soul-mate at appointed time. That will always put you at some kind of disadvantage “out of market” most men assume women over 30 are not productive. When you ditch that college-sweetheart because your career comes first, think twice since that may come back to haunt you! Life is all about balance.

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