Why Bad Boys Win Good Girls

Many People wonder why the bad boys end up with the good girls love and beauty advantages. This is a question everyone asks and gets answers that are so simple that it defies logic. One reason simply put as a question; what do men and women want more than anything else?  Simple answer is what they don’t have! So is this a question of opposite sides attract each other or is it the basic instinct in everybody to try out new things? 
What we don’t have is what we most desire to acquire: power, money, love, sex, control, security, relationship, happiness, swagger the list is infinite but it never hits the mark that bad boys can chase for good girls and good girls chase for bad boys.
Personal tastes and traits. These tastes and traits drive a need or a feeling that if they can attain “that” person’s love, the bad boys, the losers, the abusers, and then everything will be okay. Disproportionate set of personality characteristic in the relationship makes life more of a drama and enjoyable for boring lifestyles of good girls.
Blind fascination instead of some level of informed decision or ability to evaluate beyond the fun and looks department is common too.
The up bring background of the good girls also counts in that some girls from an early age through exposure to an abusive childhood or an early trauma.  Watching or being on the receiving end of verbal, emotional or psychological abuse from a father, brother, step father, even the occasional lover or date of a parent can leave its scars on the inside, even if there aren’t any on the outside.  At the end of the day several truths are evident.  Whatever we are familiar with we seek out and whatever we practice we become good at.  Victims will find that they are attracted to what they are familiar and have practiced with or what they didn’t get resolved in the past and therefore bad boys find that they always attract good girls.
Women have innate desire to domesticate or train the bad boy to be seen as “woman enough!” in control. The problem is that it’s much like trying to teach a dog to talk, Since a dog doesn’t have vocal cords, no matter how much time and effort she puts into training him, he is still incapable of talking So the good lady ends up in a trap. It is also said by good girl that a bad boy is both exciting and an immense project to be saved through the love and nurturing of a good woman. Of course that seldom works.
Then there are the nice girls who are very attractive. You know them.  They’re so smoking hot that no one wants to stick a finger in the light socket because they know they’re going to get rejected. They almost never get asked out by nice guys and are usually judged by their looks and assumed to be conceited and arrogant. They are the ones you see hanging with a girlfriend and the average guy feels like he would never have a shot at a girl like her.  They give an impression of being unapproachable.   They seem to end up with one of three types of men; bad boys, geeks or freaks.  Bad boys are usually so cocky, controlling and arrogant they will approach anyone because they are gods in their own eyes and that confidence (even if it is false) oozes from their pores. He has a repertoire of worn out pick up lines and he doesn’t care if he’s rejected since he’s after all it is only trying to talk to you.  Something is better than nothing and he knows it.
Some good girls get attached to freaks who always stalking them and therefore they don’t have many alternatives since the freaks chases away all the good boys. Some good girls love trying out one night fling or to be impregnated by these freaks before they move to the boring or backwards good boys.
Just make sure that you get the love you deserve and not the bruise that you don’t deserve

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