Why Women Nag, Argue, and Start Fights

If a woman senses the man in her life is losing his sense of personal authority, she'll start nagging, bothering, acting pissed and starting fights in an attempt to get him to revive it. Women are biologically programmed to seek this out in men.  Not only that, they are programmed to continually test for it but keep the man aware of his role as leader.

Most men misinterpret this, of course, and either engages in arguing or fighting, gets pissed themselves, or turn into a pushover and accede to her every demand. This is the complete opposite of what they should do.
In just about every consultation I've done with a man who's wife or girlfriend suddenly dumped him, at some point along the way he lost his authority. Usually we can go back in time and pinpoint it, and that's where things went wrong.
Instead, Men should have to recognize the behavior for what it is--a warning sign that you've lost your authority.  They should fix this by simply- re-establishing it by calmly, coolly, and firmly letting her know they won't tolerate such behavior.  Then you simply start leading in the relationship again.

Personal authority is the lynchpin to not only creating attraction, but to sustaining it. I cannot over-emphasize this.  If you have minimal attraction skills, but a strong sense of authority, you will attract women.  If you don't, you won't.

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