Why Successful Men with looks Play Women

If you think just because a guy has money and looks that he will just attract all desirable women, then you need to tune into the show Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo or The Bachelor.
Shows clients are good looking, mostly young, millionaires who want to meet the love of their life and are having problems doing so. They engage Matchmaker services so that it introduces them to a woman matched up to them--it's kind of a done for you deal.

The dates are, of course, filmed, and that's when hilarity ensues. Obviously the guys are chosen to make for good TV, but that's almost irrelevant.  What is relevant is watching rich, good looking guys turn into complete and utter player in front of women.
What is more relevant is witnessing the attitudes of the women change towards these guys after spending a few hours with them. They start out excited and giddy to be matched up with a good looking, successful guy, and leave downright confused and
disappointed, wondering how a guy who appeared to be so right could wind up so wrong.

It's not that these guys are turning into abusive jerks, mean spirited fools, or chest puffing show off's.  Quite the opposite--many are very awkward around women, have no clue about what to say, and worst of all look to the woman to lead in the interaction.

What  happens is, the women quickly draw the conclusion that since they are not experiencing any chemistry, there must be something seriously wrong with these guys.  After all, they "should be" attractive, but they're not--they're repulsive, and once that line
is crossed, all bets are off.

If you haven't watched the show read news, you should tune in and watch it. It will prove to you once and for all that looks and money have little to do with attraction, and behavior has everything to do with attraction.

These guys have the wrong behavior, and it kills attraction each and every time regardless of their external advantages. But as the saying goes "Easy come easy go" Only the right behavior creates attraction, They take advantages of each other... nothing more, nothing less.

So, tune into the shows or watch your men with women advantage around your area.  At the very least, you will learn something-- how  to attract women... and that not a bad place to start.

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