Can A Man Change An Immoral Woman With Loose Behavior !

Don't think you can change a woman who has demonstrated immoral behavior in the past and has not changed it.  Don't think  you'll be the exception.  You won't.  Just like clockwork, she'll do the same things to you she's done to every other guy, and it will sick the same as it does for every other guy

Is like the case of this sweet, hot, alluring girl in my neighborhood who has a nasty habit of cheating on every guy she dates... even if she doesn't mean to because It is just a relapse of a chronic behavior and her family always has an excuse for her--but the body of evidence speaks otherwise, and she does it year in and year out . No one throws an interception in the hood.
And every guy who comes along thinks they'll be the exception, that they can change her, that she'll experience true love with him...only to be shocked when he catches her with yet another guy.
That's why evaluation and qualification are the first steps to attraction, steps no one ever talks about.  They're not funny, they're not sexy and they require you to say no to something that looks oh-so-good! Jealousy-- It could also be a reason why people think that guy is a winner and is beyond me? Well, if you want to join their team of reasonable men then be reasonable too. Just like in a football game , those who do not excel to play good are shown the bench. Reasonable men team is also for reasonable people.

But that discipline, that willingness to say no to anything no matter how good it looks will pay off in the future.  It will prevent you from getting into bad situations, and eventually lead you towards a good one. If you choose bad behavior then you choose the consiquencies too. There is no crying that it is not what you thought her to be!

  Understand this about people, and it is a very, very important lesson:  people don't change unless they've proven before they will change.  And if they do, it has to be self motivated.

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