Why men Should Not Lie or Conceal Things From Women

One of the things you have to understand about women is this:  they can feel what you feel inside, except 10 times greater.
So, if you engage in behavior... or take on an emotion... that kills attraction, she's going to feel it instantly.
One of those attraction killers is attempting to conceal something from women that you think is a big deal, but really isn't, like some sort of perceived physical flaw or an affair.

For example, many men who use an internet dating service send pictures that make them appear to be who they're not.  They conceal the fact they're going bald, conceal the fact they're short, or tell women they have an occupation they do not. Conceal the fact that you are married or engaged etc.
Then she finds out about the concealment (obviously), and is pissed.  Why?  Because you tried to conceal something from her that didn't matter.  She's going to find out anyways, so you should either feature it, or reframe it to yourself as no big deal.
See, if you worry about something you may think is unattractive (and try to conceal it from a woman) that worry and that concealment will kill the deal, even if what you're trying to conceal won't.
Look it, the truth is this:  if you can make a woman feel chemistry and attraction, that's all that matters.  You don't need to conceal any perceived physical flaws.  She'll find them attractive because she finds you attractive.
But if you try to hide or conceal things, she'll sense you're holding back and that will kill the attraction.  So don't worry, and don't try to hide anything.  Just engage in attraction creating behaviors, and everything will fall into place.

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