What Kind Of Men Behavior Attracts Desirable Women

Behaving like a man should be the key to attracting desirable women. May be you've probably heard the old biblical saying, "the meek shall inherit the earth." That may or may not be true, but I can tell you this about the meek--they don't attract desirable women.
How do I know?  Because at one time in my life, I bought into all the "women just want a kind, sweet, meek, well mannered nice guy" nonsense!

Guess what I got?  A lot of female friends.  And nothing else. See, the funny thing is, I'm not a meek, mild mannered guy.  I'm certainly not well mannered.  And I'm just sensitive. When I tried to be all that, it was terrible--I didn't feel like myself, and women were not attracted to me.
So, I put all that nonsense away.  I quit being timid, quit moderating what I said.  I started being loud.  Funny.  Politically incorrect.  Using, uh, salty language. Brashness replaced meekness. And guess what happened?  I started meeting women.  Hot women.
Smart women.  Professional women.  Women who I thought would be uninterested in a loud, funny, politically incorrect guy like me.

How wrong I was.  They all told me, "Tom, I like hanging out with you because you're fun."  And it's true.  I stopped being a dude, and started having fun when I let my natural male tendencies out.
Attraction really comes down to two things:  avoiding the behavior that kills it, and engaging in the behavior that creates it.That's it.  And one of the prime killers of attraction is meekness.

So, if you're meek, start learning how to be more forthright.  No, you don't have to be someone who you're not, and you're not going to go from meek to rock star overnight.  But you know what? If you're just a little more extroverted each and every day, all of
a sudden you discover you do have an outgoing personality inside you.

And when you finally let that out, women will automatically be attracted to you, just like they were to me.

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