How To Talk To a Woman and Make Her Happy

It has been said many times that communication is the key to happiness, however many men don't understand just how important this is to women. Women are not unreasonably telling you to talk to them with endlessly conversation or neither would they ask for a two-hour conversation on the phone.

However, men need to understand that women have about 8000 words, give or take a few ten thousands, words to say in a day. While most men manage just half that. Nowadays, communication can even be written words.
If you happen to be in a relationship, or trying to start one, you will do well to remember this few points below:

How to talk to your woman:
  • A phone call a day keeps the sulking away. Whether you call at those ungodly hours when phone calls are much cheaper or you call early in the day, it counts. Just call to say hi, ask how her day was, her happiness should be worth the credit.
  • Should she call, never ever rush her off the phone. If you are driving, pull over, if you are eating stop, if you are in a meeting God help you. Always remember, she has a lot of words to get through before midnight. Women rarely just call to say hi, you need to help her reduce her quota.
  • An average text message carries about 160 characters. They call it short message service because you really cannot give all the details of your day like say with an email. However, 160 are more than enough to say more than hi, ok, thanks, enjoy, goodnight... Come on. Unless of course you had been texting the whole day and you are now summarizing. I am one of those people who use all the characters. For someone to reply my long, funny SMS with okay, goodnight etc., etc makes me want to scream.
  • The only thing worse than sending a very short message is of course to not reply to message sent to you. Can one get any ruder? I always end my text messages with a question; how are you, how was work, what are you up to, so if you didn't have anything to say, at least you can answer the question. Obviously, we are not asking that you text until you run out of credit. However, there is a respectable way of stopping the flow of SMS'. Abrupt silence is just not one of them.
  • Ah! Face to face conversation. This is where the bulk of 8000 words go. Tread carefully. Hell hath no fury like a woman not listed to. Listening is an art that can be learned. All you need to know is:
-         Make appropriate comments at appropriate times. Go beyond the hmmm and the eeh, okay...etc. Go into over drive with the really terms like; you don't say, get serious, you mean? ...etc.,etc.

-         Have a good memory. The story is bound to be repeated at a future date. It is a lucky man who can remember some if not all the details. Keep the names of the characters in mind; if you can remember both their names, you are going for the Nobel Prize for understanding women.

-         Don't interrupt unnecessarily. Remember, hell hath no fury. Even if the commentary on the game of the year is on, persevere. If you can manage it, and you probably can't, listen to both. Remember however to have appropriate comments at appropriate times.


Talking and listening to a woman the right ways given above is not too hard. Is it? Not too expensive either. It beats having to buy chocolates and flowers.

The way to a woman's heart is through your ears and her ears.

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