Causes of Gender Violence

Poverty is a big factor to many gender violence cases since the people who do this act  of gender violence are usually idle minded and jobless therefore they don’t have anything better to think about. If they were busy they could be on job duty or busy not taking drugs, fights or raping.

Some cultural practices condone gender violence since it is part of culture. For example wife beating is allowed by some cultures through out the world.

Men have the ego to do gender violence as an act to show women that they are stronger than them. If a man is powerful then they can get away with anything. It is vice versa too if women have power since they may cause emotional trauma, physical assault or financial control.

Drugs have become another major cause of this vice. It is assumed that when someone becomes intoxicated hi/she loses body self control. They might make bad judgments or become aggressive.

Lack of awareness has made many people do many illegal things since they are not aware that is wrong. Some men or women don’t understand that having an affair with an under 18 is rape.

Stigma or fear of unknown response when victims of gender violence reports or speak out the matter. Some women who know about women rights are mistreated when they try to fight back. A rape victim might become an outcast in a society due to stigma when people know about their problems, so some tend to opt to put up with their abusers.

Lack of Police law enforcement in some societies have made this issue of gender violence escalate since the perpetuators will walk away and wait for a next victim to abuse. For example domestic matters are not reported to police, this makes many domestic violence victims continue suffering at plight of their perpetrators.

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