How To Breakup With Your Girlfriend

Some girlfriends are hard to breakup with a man and will cling to the man and won't let go no matter what disrespect the man shows to her. In this case the man might have proved to her that he is too good for her and finding another man would be a big task. Breakup is inevitable and these how to do it.

Don’t do it in public place like Sport arenas or cafe. If your breakup becomes argumentative then it is likely it will end up into a fight or confrontations. Making a huge scene of yourselves or lead to damage of properties in the cafe which may end up in costing you a fortune, you may even end up being arrested for public nonsense. It is better to tell your girlfriend you are breaking up in your home setting where she can take her anger on her or your personally property. She can break up all her furniture and nobody would give a damn.

Don’t do it in front of your friends or family. Who really else must know you are finishing your affair? Nobody and therefore you should keep your drama to yourself.

Friends might also side with either party and cause unnecessary fights or verbal abuse over a frivolous thing. It will leave a big scar inside you to know someone does not side with you.

Make a long distance call and let her know what you feel about your friendship or relationship. She can cry the whole night by herself without coming up to you for reconciliation or apologize. Pleading and reconciliation talks can be done on the phone. Most men usually find this behavior unappealing.

Degrade your relationship to just being friends. Tell her “lets just be friends”. It will give you more room to do anything else you want and she wont be afraid of loosing you as time goes on.

Remove all close picture of her near you. They will haunt you and make you unable to make the final decision. All gifts too should be kept away off your sight.

Don’t answer phone call or text your girlfriend make and send to you. She will automatically know it is over. Some people even change their phone numbers.

Change your behavior or attitude in life. women note these very fast, they want a good man who can act as a good role model to her future kids. if you fail in manners the relationship dies too.

Relocate your location if your partner is a bully or keeps getting in your life affairs. she can scare your new girlfriends or even you. Keep a distance from her by relocating. Whichever the way it is time to move on.

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