Why Women Delay to Marry Nowadays

  • Most women nowadays have career that they want to build on, enjoy, focus and advance in career making marriage a second goal.
  • They avoid falling into married women stereotypes that claim that once a woman is married ,she goes down the ladder as a mother or wife. This limit the women dressing codes, socialization and lifestyles as they need to take care of kids and homes.
  • The need for a perfect match. Long ago people were pressurized to marry family friend or so and so nowadays getting a perfect much is becoming an elusive adventure that takes or the time.
  • Some women are focused to getting kids rather than marry. This makes them miss for life as a better option to marriage life.
  • Bad stereotyping of marriage life as been oppressed or abusive can deter some women to opt to stay away from wedding booms or divorces.

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