Why Men Like Looking At Women Faces and Butts

 Men have been known to fight many things affecting society but they can’t fight their biological nature. We are all human and have the same feeling inside us. Some people have more feeling towards something than others. This rule of attraction applies to men looking at women they are attracted to or interested with.

   Since nobody has ever stopped peeing it is understandable therefore why men look at women faces and butt. It just a sign they are attracted to them or they are so appealing to know more about. Men mind are programmed to love things from physical appearance the rest comes later. So the first thing a man can notice from a woman would be the face. The second thing when a woman passes him would be look at a woman figure from behind and it is mostly mistaken to be looking at the butt.  This is not true since the man checks if a woman figure fills her clothes to make a perfect curve.

  Women on other hand like to listen on what men say about them or anything amusing. Some women like the way men look at them and adore attracting men attentions. That is why women spend a lot of time applying makeup’s to their faces.

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