Why Men Don’t Like Sleeping With Women after Birth

• A woman changes to the eye of a man and turns from a beautiful lady to a mother. This puts off most guys since they don’t like sleeping with mothers.
• Women after birth become more attached to the new born kid and they have no time for their husbands. Some women even bring along their baby to sleep with them on their big bed.
• Men avoid being disturbed in the middle of the night when a woman is attending to the baby cry. They just want to give them space.
• Women after delivery of their child change their body features. They become less sexier since some gain weight, become shapeless, change the body tissue firmness, stretch marks and darken nipples.
• Some women forget they need to look smart or beautiful to their men. They don’t put make ups or dress good as before. This kills all the attraction the man has for her.
• A man might have had unpleasant experience during the first sex encounter with his woman after delivery since the vagina structure loose elasticity and might get unusual discharges that might scare the man.
• Women after birth need more time to heal from the delivery efforts. It is therefore advisable for men to listen to a doctor advice to let a woman heal first before they can have sex.
• Some women are not in mood of sex anymore especially if the child birth delivery was tough or painful experience. They keep off the men away from their beds.

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