How To Fight Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is Any unwelcome, usually repeated and unreciprocated sexual advance, unsolicited sexual attention, demand for sexual access or favours, sexual innuendo or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, display of pornographic material, when it interferes with work, is made a condition of employment or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment (United Nations High Commission for Refugees)

Sexual harassment is very common since people don’t want to be rejected or don’t understand each other. Sometimes sexual harassment fades as time goes by and you two know each other, but sometimes the man or woman makes advances even after knowing your situation or after rejecting them.

You need to talk to a third party in this case if the sexual harassment won’t stop. You will need to nail your sexual harasser approaching or making advances to you. Follow the following steps.
1. Warn them to leave you alone. You may need to say no twice or more.
2. Keep records of SMS or calls made to you.
3. Keep records of your warnings
4. Put this together and prove them to a third party.
5. Change your phone numbers or home if they know them

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