Why Men Quit Chasing Women

Twelve to three months before Olympic actually start.  Think about that--the player quit without a fight because... they are actually looking for a reason to quit.

Pathetic, huh?  But it's what most men do when it comes to succeeding with women.  They quit at the threat of failure, without giving themselves any chance to succeed. Women are just a little bit hestitant in this game of relationships.

They tell themselves, "women just don't like me." Or, "she's out of my league."  Or, "she'd never go out with a guy like me." "She is playing hard to get." Or "I don't deserve her" or any other kind of nonsense they wish to use to justify what they want to do all along--quit.

The sad thing is, if many of these men would simply learn the skill of attraction, they'd shock themselves with the results they get just by taking action.

Now, would they get rejected at times?  Yup.  Bitched at on occasion?  Yup. Flaked on?  Yup.  But that's just part of the deal. They'd also meet a lot of great women, maybe even that special one.

Most men fail at life because of what's going on in their own head, not because of any external reason.  They look for a reason to quit, because they're deathly afraid of taking action or they're just plain lazy.

This, however, presents an opportunity for you. The more men who quit before they even get started means the more women for you, the man who doesn't quit, to choose from.  Let the losers quit before the game is even played--makes it much easier for the few winners left in this world. Patiency pays!

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