Why Men Should Be Ready to Appreciate Their Woman’s Bad behaviors too

One of my favorite all time sayings are these: "Love is blind" and "there's no such thing as a good girl gone wrong, only a bad girl found out."  What that means is, there's two sides to every woman.
So, I went to a friend's party last night and it was very cool. And guess what?  I saw women doing things that would appear shocking to the average man.

First off, they were drinking-- a lot.  And they were proud of it.
Secondly, they were shaking their booty-- a lot.  And they were proud of it.

Thirdly, they were gossiping and talking loudly about blatant sex acts--a lot. And they were proud of it.  And guess what?  Some women were even passionately kissing men there--and they didn't care who was watching.
To the average man who just wants to meet a "nice girl" this behavior might be considered shocking.  After all "nice girls" don't do such things... or do they?
Yeah! And Furthermore, women love to display their bad girl sides in an environment where it is considered "appropriate" to do so.  Many men don't get this though, and I saw several know-nothing boyfriends telling their girlfriends to calm down, or that it was time to leave.

Idiots. They should appreciate and encourage that kind of behavior because it is a part of every woman. She wants to cut loose and have a good time, and she wants you to appreciate that side of her, and make it OK to do so.

So, the next time you run into women "misbehaving," don't be shocked.  Recognize it as perfectly normal female behavior and encourage it--you'll have heck of a lot more fun than those guys who are shocked and if you don't acknowledge and appreciate the bad girl side, she'll find a man who will.

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