Should Men Spend Money To Attract Women

When it comes to women and money, most men are hopelessly confused. On one hand you have men who lead with money--they think the way to a woman's heart is to buy her everything under the sun.
On the other hand you have the man who believes in spending nothing on women--if they want something, by God, they can pay for it themselves... they're not getting any of his hard earned dough!

Both points of view are, of course, equally wrong, and both kill attraction.  The guy who leads with cash--the chump--will meet lots of women.  And they will take his money and his gifts... and when
those are gone, so are they.
Women have no respect for the chump/stupid because they can feel deep down inside that he believes he's unattractive, and he needs external means--his money--in order to attract women. He's pushover at heart,he can't say no, and women don't like men who are pushovers.

Then there's the cheapskate.  He pinches pennies.  He begrudges every expense.  He believes a woman should pay her own way--after all, women are liberated, right?  He's paranoid that women are out to relieve him of his wallet... and soon enough that's all he's left with.  Cheapness is as unattractive as stupidness.

The right attitude is the man with the abundance attitude towards money.  He realizes there is an unlimited supply of it out there, and if he wants some all he has to do is create requisite value,
present it in correct fashion to the market place, and ask for compensation without any compunctions.

He has a casual attitude towards money, recognizing it as simply a vehicle that allows him to experience the things he wants to.  He likes and respects money, but it doesn't define him.  If he loses what he has, he shrugs his shoulders and gets to work to fetch more. He spends freely, but not stupidly, he hates budgets, as well as fools who disrespect money and pee it away like water.  When he's with a woman he gives her the experience she craves without regard to cost, but without being stupid either.

This is the man who attracts women, because he is the man who attracts money and both processes are very similar.  Learn one, and you learn the other... then life becomes much more fun.

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