How To Argue In Marriage -Marriage Argument Rules

Arguments are part and parcel of marriage and no one should lie that they don’t argue on anything with their partners. You can argue about the clothes you wear to the house you will live or the car you will buy. Just remember that in marriage you are two different people from different background trying to become one. You should therefore not be readily agreeing on everything. Here are marriage argument rules

1.      No name calling. Don’t call you partner some ridiculous or bad names. Your argument will be temporary or a frivolous one and therefore no need to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Take things easy and don’t be abusive.
2.      No third parties. Most third person who enters in an argument may make things worse or may not understand your problems. So it is better to avoid third parties who are usually the cause of your problems or may take sides making things difficult by hardening either partner into finding a solution. They also may take advantage of your arguments or quarrels and pretend to be better than your partner.
3.      No past histories. You should solve one problem at a time since trying to introduce you previous past problems in history means your arguments may take longer to solve or take another direction all together.
4.      Stick to subject. It is better to argue about a certain subject than beat around the bush which will make it impossible to get a solution.
5.      No cheap shots. Don’t shoot or aim at your partner’s weakness during arguments. This hurts more and it is like adding fuel to fire. Your argument will go worse or longer.
6.      Do not go to bed angry.  Try to solve your arguments before you sleep since you will go to bed with your same partner you fail to get a long with. Each time you wake up in the night and you see you partner, anger may make you sleepless or keep coming back in the night.
7.      Maintain a sense of humor. Argue as though you are smiling or laughing just to make it have a sense of humor as this tends to lighten the argument tone. Shouting and acting weirdly makes you partner think you are bullish or stupid.
8.      Hold hands. Argue as you hold hands of your partner and see how it goes. There is always a time you will stop pulling each other and get a solution.    

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