Why You Should Use Contraceptives

Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and some even prevent STIs.
Other than long ago when people used to depend on safe days or abstinence methods to avoid pregnancies. Contraceptive are a new method that is 99% effective and very safe to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptives range from condoms, pills, injections etc a health provider can help you choose the best method for you.

A contraceptive is therefore something that can prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs regrets since now people understand there are really no safe days for unprotected sex. A health provider can help you decide the best method for you since they are classified under different categories.
1. Hormonal method
This method changes the woman hormonal pattern in the body making the woman not fertile for pregnancy. The options in hormonal method include emergency pills, every day pills, injections and implants.

2. Non-hormonal method
In this method no change of hormones happen to prevent pregnancy. It involves use of devices by both male and female partners during love making. This devices include male or female condom and Copper IUCD

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