Why a Slap is not Considered as an Abuse in Marriage

We all have had this experience of being slapped or having slapped someone. The commonness of this slapping physical behavior has made it look like a light abuse unless anything serious happens.
  In some countries the law permits a man to slap his  wife as long as no injury will result in need for medical attention.
  A slap can come from playful mood to serious anger moods. Judging which meaning of a slap was intended is not a certain able. The nature a slap was administered can differ and usually it has a minor effect of swelling or pain irritation that fades away after a short while.
  Men have been seen slapping their wives or partners every now and then when their domestic conflicts get out of hand. This is considered as displine measure to their partners since men tend to be very physical while women tend to be verbal in abuse.

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