Male Condom

It is a thin latex rubber cover that is translucent, and contains non-spermicidal lubricant. A man wears it on his erect penis before getting into contact with the woman’s genitals. The lubricant helps to avoid condom breakage. Examples: SURE, Trust, Femiplan, Durex or condom names in your local area or country.

How does it work?
By forming a barrier that keeps sperm & semen out of the vagina. Also keeps infections in the man’s semen, or on his penis, or in the woman’s vagina from coming into contact and infecting the other partner. A couple must use the condoms during every act of sex.
Is it effective?
If used correctly and consistently, the chances of becoming pregnant when using male condoms are about 2 pregnancies per 100 women (2%)
• No hormonal side effects.
• Can protect from STDs including HIV/AIDs
• No delay in getting pregnant after discontinuation
• Can be started and stopped at any time without the help of a health provider
• Both partners share the responsibility of preventing unplanned pregnancy
• Can be used as back-up e.g. in between pill cycles or injections
Common side effects / limitations:
• May dull the sensation of sex for some men
• Some people have severe allergic reaction to latex rubber (very rare)
• Store condoms in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight.
• Always check the expiry date before use; old condoms can be dry or brittle, therefore can break during sex.
• Use a new condom with each act of sex – do not reuse a condom
• Make sure the condom is worn on the man’s erect (hard) penis before the penis comes into contact with the woman’s genitals.
• Do not use teeth, scissors, or sharp nails to open a condom; these may damage the condom or cause it to tear.
• Do not have dry sex – ensure the woman’s vagina is lubricated naturally or using an artificial lubricant.
• Do not use oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline, baby oil, body lotion, massage oil, butter or margarine as these can weaken the condom and cause it to break.
Condoms DO NOT:
• Make men sterile, impotent or weak
• Decrease men’s sex drive
• Get lost inside a woman’s body
• Have holes that HIV can pass through
• Cause illness in men because of sperms and semen being captured after ejaculation.

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  1. One side effect of using condoms is it may dull the sensation of sex for some men; however, lubricants are already present in the market which can increase men’s pleasure while having sex.

    --Ryan| sex toys Philippines